Builtin Connectors

Connectors add to Bo the ability to connect to various networks. Described below is a list of all connectors that come with Bo.


A simple connector that lets you interact with Bo from the console. Write your message and hit Enter! This connector also supports “special” commands that emulate things like group invites. Enter :help to get a full list.

No parameters


Connector for XMPP networks like Google Talk.


If you are using a Google Talk account and deploy your bot in a computer that may be in a different location than you are, make sure you are logged in the first time you run your bot. If Google detects a change in location, it will deny access to Bo and send you an email asking you to confirm the location change. If you are not logged in to confirm it, you may get locked out of your account. It is possible to gain access to your account again, but it is annoying. You have been warned!

  • username – XMPP username.
  • password – XMPP password.
  • server – XMPP server, for Google Talk/Hangouts use talk.google.com.
  • port – XMPP port, for Google Talk/Hangouts use 5222.
  • use_ipv6 – Use IPv6, defaults to True.